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16.11.2021 - 18.11.2021


We've introduced the VisionAnchor system to the public at the biggest B2B boat show in Europe - MetsTrade. 

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At MetsTrade

The system, designed for sailing and motorboats between 10m and 40m in length, anchoring up to 20m deep, made its public debut at METSTRADE 2021.


It has an underwater camera placed above the anchor connected to a buoy, and allows captains and crew members to watch the anchor underwater in real-time. It is described as putting ‘eyes on the anchor’.


“Just like a baby monitor for your anchor,” explains Matija Jašarov, the co-founder and inventor of the product. “I lost an anchor once and started thinking; if everything around us is getting smarter, why does anchoring remain so old-fashioned?”


»Operacija je bila za sofinanciranje izbrana na Javnem razpisu za sofinanciranje individualnih nastopov podjetij na mednarodnih sejmih v tujini v letih 2019-2022« 

Naložbo sofinancirata Republika Slovenija in Evropska unija iz Evropskega sklada za regionalni razvoj

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